VIDEO: Kate Gosselin – “I’m Very Glad To Have A Job”

After doing some family shopping at her neighborhood Target, Kate Gosselin expressed her relief at having a steady income again. 

As you can see on this video obtained by, Kate was happy to share her feelings about her new show, Kate Plus 8.

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“I’m very glad to have a job again,” Kate told a fan,

“It is going to be a lot of fun.”

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Clean Slate Kate, as she likes to call herself, is starting over with the cable network TLC, in a spin-off to the original Jon & Kate Plus 8.

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And she seems much more relaxed just being herself with her kids than she ever was trying to play a part on Dancing with the Stars.

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Kate doesn’t appear to even mind the fans and photographers who approach her every time she goes shopping.

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Kate Plus 8 premieres June 6.

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