Paula Abdul: On Simon’s Dirty Laundry

Paula Abdul was a presenter at last night’s 64th Annual Tony Awards so when she stopped by the gifting lounge, grabbed her for some questions about what’s been going on with her now that a full season of American Idol has gone by without her and she has announced plans for her own dance competition show to air next year.

On who should replace Simon: “Honestly, the word replacement for Simon does not apply. As we all know they broke the mold after Simon and he could never be replaced. We should use a new word like—what will new show consist of?”

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On her new dance show: “I’m beyond excited. Right now I’m going through unbelievable talent and hiring amazing talent to make the magic happen.”

On Bret Michaels joining American Idol: “I think Bret would be awesome at it because you have to have great passion in life for music and a great vocabulary of music, be able to understand the greatness that inspires you along the way and have someone that really understands what it’s like for young people . If Brett were to get the position, he would fit the mold.”

On missing Simon: “All I can say is that I never had brothers in my life so Randy and Simon were my brothers. Simon was the brother I never asked to have and what was wonderful about it was we developed an amazing friendship. I miss laughing with him. We would provoke each other, laugh hysterically and make each other laugh at the worst moments!”

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