Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman Settles Workers Comp Case

Nadya Suleman is about to collect $23,120 from the insurance company representing Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk, CA, RadarOnline.com has learned. 

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The mother of 14, including her famous octuplets, suffered a back injury while working as a psychiatric tech at the hospital in 1999. She has already received $167,000 in disability payments, which were paid out over eight years.

RadarOnline.com broke the story of Suleman’s ongoing fight for money relating to her back injury, said to have occurred during a “riot” at the facility, and a subsequent auto accident she had on her way to a compensation hearing.

Nadya Suleman Trying For More Workers Comp Money

This final payment is part of a $40,000 settlement that will close the books on the case.  Nadya has already received $10,880 of the amount by way of permanent disability payments.  $6,000 is going to attorney fees.

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