Natalee Holloway Murder Suspect Accused Of New Murder In Peru

The 22-year-old Dutch honor student suspected of murdering Natalee Holloway is now the prime suspect in a new murder in Peru.

And has learned that Joran Van der Sloot has fled the country and Ricardo Flores, the father of the new victim is pleading for help in the investigation.

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“This is the assassin of my daughter,” Flores said during a news conference showing a picture of Van der Sloot.  21-year-old Stephany Flores Ramirez was last seen with Van der Sloot Sunday at 5:16 a.m.

Ramirez disappeared Friday and was found dead Wednesday in Peru’s capital city, reports Peruvian newspaper El Comercio.

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Police reports further indicate that Ramirez’s body was found stabbed and wrapped in a blanket in a hotel room that was registered under Van der Sloot’s name.

“I don’t want any other parent to feel the same pain that I’m feeling at this moment,” Flores said. 

Natalee Holloway disappeared in May 2005 while in Aruba for a high school graduation trip and fellow teen, Joran Van der Sloot was arrested twice for her murder but eventually released.

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