Facebook Users Promise To Quit Social Networking Site Fizzles

Sometimes grassroots campaigns work, sometimes they don’t: A movement calling for a mass defection from Facebook died on the vine Monday, according to VentureBeat.com, as the social networking giant’s membership records showed little difference in the wake of a user-generated movement called the “Quit Facebook Day” campaign.

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Facebook, one of the Internet’s foremost hubs for social networking, has been criticized by its’ users over its’ constant tinkering with privacy-related settings for members’ personal content, but the Web site’s users are apparently willing to live with the status quo.  

“Users should have real control over what is shared, that’s all,” one disgruntled ex-Facebook user, gadget blogger Peter Rojas, Tweeted. “FB keeps taking that away.”

It’s almost impossible to tell if ANYONE actually quit FB since even if you delete your account, it still shows up in search.

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The popular Web site was created in 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerman.

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