EXCLUSIVE: Vienna Told Friend She Didn’t Think “Jake Was Into Girls”

Bachelor Jake Pavelka and ex-fiance Vienna Girardi currently are in a public mudslinging battle over their breakup. RadarOnline.com has learned that Jake’s refusal to be intimate for most of their relationship led her to believe that the Texas pilot was not “into girls.”

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“Even though she was in love with him, she knew he didn’t love her, ” a source claims.

Vienna eventually came to the conclusion that the real reason for Jake’s aversion to intimacy with her was not his religious ideals but his lack of interest in women. “He just wasn’t ever physical with her,” the source added. “Vienna told me, ‘I don’t think Jake is into girls.’”

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The source confirmed Vienna’s accusations that Jake’s affections were purely for publicity reasons. “He was only nice to her in front of the camera and he was only affectionate on the red carpet,” the source added.

Vienna told Star magazine that she went six months without physical affection from Jake. She goes into his excuses in great detail, including Jake telling her that premarital sex was a sin. The magazine, which goes on sale this week, fills in the blanks of what was happening – or, actually, NOT happening — behind closed doors.

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And RadarOnline.com’s source says Vienna is convinced it wasn’t her – it’s not a Vienna problem, it’s a Jake problem!

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