EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Vienna: I Bought My Shoes For Wedding To Jake

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi’s reality TV relationship may have been on the rocks a few weeks ago, and RadarOnline.com has exclusive video of the couple ducking the marriage question when asked about any plans.

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After a Dancing With the Stars show on May 25, 2010, RadarOnline.com reporter Tina Malave asked the couple about their wedding plans and they awkwardly looked at each other and hesitated before they answered.  Vienna looked at Jake and he didn’t say anything about being excited to plan the wedding or gushing about her wedding dress, he spoke for them both and just said “As far as a wedding date, I promise you’re the first to know.” 

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Vienna just barely forced a smile as Jake then said “She picked her shoes out,” and Vienna simply said “I did, I found my shoes.” Chelsie Hightower, Jake’s partner on DWTS, says “first step,” and Vienna agrees, but laughs and doesn’t say another word. 

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Jake continues to dodge the questions about whether they’ve settled on a location or even set a date even for their nuptials.   “Not really,” he admits.  We’re just dating, having a good time, getting to know each other. We’ve been together for seven months now,” and then he corrected himself.  “Engaged for seven months now and each day just gets sweeter and sweeter.” 

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Vienna won Jake’s heart after being the most reviled contestant on the Bachelor and had even picked her best friend as her maid of honor before the split.

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