EXCLUSIVE: Reggie Bush “Will Never Marry Kim Kardashian”

NFL player Reggie Bush spent the weekend in Las Vegas flirting and looked like he wasn’t missing Kim Kardashian at all.  Sources tell RadarOnline.com exclusively that he is loving being single and has one big reason he will never put a ring on Kim’s finger.

“His mother does not want her son dating someone who has a sex tape out there.” said our source and added “He is such a mamma’s boy; he will never marry her because she would disown him.”

Our source tells us Reggie is very close to his mother and she never liked Kim the entire time they dated.

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“He respects his mother’s opinion and would take that into account before even his own feelings, so he will never marry Kim.”

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The high profile couple split in March and RadarOnline.com exclusively reported that Reggie just “wasn’t feeling it anymore.” And he didn’t want to get married, something Kim had been pushing for.

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“Kim is so caught up in the whole Hollywood thing, and that’s totally not Reggie’s scene,” said a source. “He’s a jock, he’s a ball player, that’s his career and his life, and he just feels that Kim doesn’t fit 100 percent into that.

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“Kim is the one who is in love with Reggie,” she said, unfortunately Reggie doesn’t feel the same way.

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Right now, our source says Reggie is most concerned about losing the Heisman Trophy because of a NCAA probe of USC’s football program. “His last concern is Kim Kardashian right now – he has a lot on his plate because they might be taking away his USC (Heisman Trophy) award from 2002,” the source said.

In the meantime, Kim spent a few months on the beach in Miami shooting her reality show, and is busy launching a new beauty line called Kardashian Beauty. She just released a self-tanner last week.

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