EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Snookin’ For A Drink; Nicole Polizzi’s New Job — Bartender

Jersey Shore’s Snooki is no stranger to clubs, but this week she was on the other side of the bar—and RadarOnline.com has the exclusive pictures!

PHOTOS: Snooki Tends Bar In New York

The Jersey Shore sparkplug was out with Vinny in New York City beating back the summer heat.

PHOTOS: Jersey Shore’s Night Out

Snooki was the life of the party at Prime KO on New York’s Upper West Side, as she and Vinny returned to one of their favorite hot spots on Wednesday.

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Snooki has been spending so much time in bars she decided to try her hand behind one and hopped back there to serve some drinks!  Goofing around, Snooki took control of the soda gun and shot at Vinny, then she poured vodka into the mouths of eager patrons!  Wearing a signature tight dress, Snooki held on tight to her purse while attending to bar duties.

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The Jersey Shore crew was joined by New York Knicks player David Lee and Rapper Fabolous, but he was immune to the charms of Snooki who tried to get his attention as she danced near his table.

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