EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Jersey Shore’s Snooki Does Body Shots Off Baseball Player’s Wife!

Jersey’s Shore’s Snooki loved the limelight years before she became a reality TV  star – or was even old enough to legally drink.

PHOTO: Snooki’s Butt-Waggling Body Shots

RadarOnline.com has outrageous exclusive photos of hard-partying Nicole Polizzi doing body shots with the wife of a major league baseball player while random guys grabbed her butt, when she was just 20 years old.

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Snooki was visiting friends in Albany, New York, to party with college kids but was disappointed when she wasn’t allowed into any local bars, a source told RadarOnline.com. Undeterred, Snooki snuck into a frat house and quickly became the life and soul of the party.

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“The first thing she did was run over to the bar and jump on it,” says the eyewitness. “She was loving the limelight. She loved getting attention all the time.”

EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Shore’s Snooki Tosses Drink At Club Bouncer

The pint-sized partier proceeded to lie down on the bar with her legs spread eagle as blonde sidekick Katelyn Davis crawled on top of her! The girls gone wild then started doing body shots off each other, as delighted frat boys took photos on their camera phones.

Davis, who is now married to Tampa Bay Rays baseball player Wade Davis, then swapped places with Snooki, who  straddled her pal while sticking her butt in the air. One guy copped a feel as the girls grinded together, but other party goers simply ignored the  show and can be spotted continuing with their conversations in the background.

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Snooki was clearly proud of her drunken antics as even she was snapping photos, waving her cameraphone above her head as she rides her friend in a crazed public display.

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Classy? Not so much. But the women do have expensive accessories. A closer look reveals that both girls are clutching Coach purses as they roll around on the booze-soaked bar.

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