EXCLUSIVE: Oksana Punched? ‘Her Teeth Are In Her Mouth,’ Says Mel Gibson’s Lawyer

Sensational claims of violence between Mel Gibson and his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva are dominating headlines, but Mel Gibson’s lawyer tells RadarOnine.com exclusively that Oksana has provided NO supporting medical evidence.

The most outrageous unsubstantiated articles say that Oksana claims Mel knocked some teeth out of her mouth.

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“Not true,” says the actor’s powerhouse attorney Stephen Kolodny. “Her teeth are in her mouth according to our information.” He added that the Russian beauty has provided zero evidence to support this claim.

Mel and Oksana have a daughter, Lucia. RadarOnline.com broke the story that Mel went to court and filed documents under seal restraining Oksana from releasing or discussing certain information and notices pertaining to visitation and child custody.

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Oksana previously filed for a restraining order against Mel. But Kolodny tells RadarOnline.com that she failed to inform the court of a written custody agreement between Oksana and Mel.

The allegedly violent incident between Mel and Oksana occurred January 6, according to various sources. But Mel’s lawyer tells RadarOnline.com that Oksana “never called police or previously asked for a restraining order.

“Only when she tried cut off Mel’s access to Lucia did she raise this, then not telling the court of her two day mediation in mid-May resulting in a written custody agreement, some overnight (stays) now going to 50/50 (custody), with no restraining orders of any kind mentioned.”

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That’s significant because this mediation took place well after the alleged incident.

There is no doubt that Gibson and Oksana had an argument. Kolodony described it succinctly to RadarOnline.com: “loud argument, not violent.”

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He also made it clear that Mel is paying for Lucia’s care and taking care of Oksana financially even while all of this plays out.

“Mel has generously supported Lucia and will continue to do so,” Kolodny told RadarOnline.com. “Oksana currently lives in a four bedroom, multi-million dollar house with Lucia and her older son Sascha (from a previous relationship with actor Timothy Dalton) purchased by Mel.

“Mel also purchased a brand new car for Oksana.  He provides health insurance for Lucia and has given Oksana tens of thousands of dollars to support her and Lucia over the past months.  Through a mediation process supervised by two retired California Superior Court judges,one of whom was a family court judge for over 20 years and is considered an expert in the field, Mel and Oksana had reached a support and visitation agreement last month which provided very generous support payments, joint custody and eventually 50/50 custody for Lucia. It has been functioning during that time with Lucia making regular visits with Mel”

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But Oksana did not allow Mel to see Lucia on Father’s Day and breached the deal, according to Mel’s people. Now she will receive a reduced payment as specified by the agreement she signed.

Kolodny told RadarOnline.com: “Now that Oksana has failed to honor that agreement Mel will provide support based on the terms agreed to in the event of breach. This includes a substantial monthly payment, in addition to the house, the care and all of the other benefits listed above.  It also provides for a professional nanny.”

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