EXCLUSIVE: Love Games Winners Now Hate Each Other

Love has turned to hate for reality TV show couple Sarah Michaels and Nick Christensen, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

Less than one month after Oxygen’s Love Games finale that brought them together, the Bad Girl has fallen victim to a scathing Twitter attack from her now ex and Radaronline.com has the details.

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“He just went nuts on her and started verbally abusing her on online,” said a source close to Michaels. “He looked in her account and thought she was cheating on him. It’s pretty ugly considering they were supposed to be the perfect couple.”

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Convinced Michaels was seeing her ex-boyfriend behind his back, Christensen flew into a jealous rage.

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“Question of the day,” he tweeted after they split. “Why do I always fall in love with wh***s? Ladies if you cheat on your boy with your ex, you are a piece of s**t.”

While she has moved on with her life, he has continued to rant on the social networking site.

“Feelin like a pretty big sucker,” he continued. “I am a great boyfriend and guy…You didn’t deserve me – getting cheated on = s**t a** feeling. Karma is a bitch.

“Cheating in general makes any woman/man a pretty shitty person, cheating w/an ex says you’re diarrhea.”

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2.2 million viewers watched as the pair were declared the winners of the Oxygen network reality/game show.

They then had a passionate 6-month romance before the show aired, but their relationship could not last.

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Ironically when they announced their separation Michaels described the split as amicable.

“We are both just so hot tempered, that it is surprising that we’re being so mature about this,” she said at the time. “We both just genuinely care about each other, and it’s all about timing.

“After the word was out that we were a couple, the pressure just made us realize how much we both wanted to focus on our professions, and it was difficult to do that as a couple.

“I am really sad and do hope it is just a temporary thing.”

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However that is no longer the case and it’s the end of the line for the show winners.

“She is done,” said the source. “After everything he has said about her she has no plans to get back together with him. Nick has ruined any chances of that happening now or in the future.”

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