EXCLUSIVE: Jake: Vienna Made Me Spend A Fortune On Her

Vienna broke Jake’s bank as well as his heart, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

While the he-said, she-said accusations fly as to why Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi had their wings of love clipped, the 32-year-old pilot is telling friends how his ex-fiancé fleeced him of thousands of dollars.

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She even had her pet pooch Chloe ferried from Florida to California — all on Jake’s dime — because she was suffering from “separation anxiety”, according to a close pal of the broken-hearted Bachelor star.

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One friend estimated he spent tens of thousands of dollars on Vienna during their short-lived engagement.

“Jake paid for everything during the relationship,” said a confidante.

“He paid for their apartment, car, credit cards, bills, her flights and travel expenses… Vienna leached off him.

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“Jake had great privileges having worked as a pilot so he would do everything in his power to accommodate her, despite the protests of friends around him that it wasn’t right or fair.

“Jake rolled out the red carpet in life for Vienna, because, unfortunately, he fell in love — and it has cost him in more ways than one.”

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Since their break-up was made official, the former lovebirds have traded verbal blows in the media, in a bid to tell their respective sides of the split.

While Pavelka said trust issues ruined their relationship, Girardi claimed it was her former love’s obsession with fame that came between them.

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In an interview with Star Magazine, Girardi also accused Pavelka of forcing her to get rid of Chloe due to shedding issues.

She said he failed to support her when the miniature pomchi suffered severe separation anxiety while living at her parents’ home in Florida.

Girardi said, “He goes, ‘Oh, I’m sooo sorry your dog is so spoiled that she can only maintain one relationship at a time. I was just in shock that someone would even say something like that. That was so hurtful.”

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But Pavelka is firing back, through a friend.

“Jake being Jake, he wanted to do everything in his power to make his fiancé happy,” said the insider.

“But it was to his detriment… he spent a fortune trying to sort of Vienna’s pooch problems, all while she didn’t work.”

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Girardi also revealed she and Pavelka hadn’t had sex in months before the split, a surprising claim that has fueled rumors about the 32-year-old Texas pilot’s sexuality.

But, responded Jake through a colleague: “It was not uncommon for Vienna to go into a jealous rage if Jake attracted the attention of a beautiful woman in a room.

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“Why would she feel challenged if she truly thought her fiancé was gay?”

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