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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: NY Real Housewife Claims She Would Never Do A Sex Tape

With sex tapes abounding in reality television, Real Housewives for New York star Alex McCord promises she and her husband Simon van Kempen will not add to the recent flood of naughty footage.

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“I don’t think the world is ready for that,” McCord said to RadarOnline.com exclusively. “If that was the reality show we’re shooting it wouldn’t be on Bravo.” Simon echoed that sentiment, replying “God no!” when asked if the couple would ever do a sex tape.

As for her take on Real Housewife of New Jersey castmember Danielle Staub‘s recent tape? “I haven’t spoken to her about it…. Maybe she did it herself, maybe someone else did it…Whatever she’s doing I hope she’s doing it with an eye to building her business, building whatever she needs for her family.”

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Simon and Alex are currently promoting their book “Little Kids, Big City: Tales From a Real House in New York City.”

“We were free to write the truth, we had nothing to hide,” Simon said of the tome.  “We are really thrilled with the way this book is being received, we’re going into a second printing this month,” Alex added.

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Already there is talk about future book projects. “People have asked us to write a book on relationships, which we are investigating,” she added. “People have asked us to do a cook book, if we wanted to hit the bestseller list then something about food.”

McCord also dished about this season’s dramatic three-part reunion episode which was only shot weeks ago. A big part of the season has been the rift between former pals Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel.

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“I don’t see them ever being good friends,” McCord told RadarOnline.com. “It was a relationship that was born because of the show and died on the show.”

Alex had her own blowup with Jill this season beginning when Jill slammed McCord’s new book. “Jill tried to screw our book this season when she yelled at Alex, ‘Are you going to put that in your book?'” Simon told RadarOnline.com.

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“Jill has been amplified, all of the tension that you see between Jill and me existed in season one, it’s just that you finally saw it on camera and it finally got so intense that there was no getting around it,” Alex explained about why the drama seemed to boil over in season three. Simon added: “For Ramona and Alex, the show is a side gig. Alex has a full time job, I have a full time job, we have three full time children. The show for us is a bit of fun. For Jill this season, the show has become her life.”

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As for a potential season four? “We’re in for as long as Bravo wants to have us. No one knows what’s going on with season four, they won’t make that call until all the reunions are over, when they go and do their market research and all that stuff. Meanwhile, we are going to do lots of fun and crazy things with each other and with other members of the cast. Hopefully Bravo will want to capture those and show them to everyone else.”

Go to McCordVanKempen.com to see a list of book signings this summer!