EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “Jake’s A Weirdo” Says Bachelor Contestant Who Refused To Have Sex With Him

Jake Pavelka has received support from many people since his split from girlfriend Vienna Giradi, but one ex-Bachelor contestant isn’t part of Team Jake.

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“Jake’s a weirdo…I think he’s weird,” Corrie Adamson told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

The Florida native was kicked off the show after she told Pavelka that she was a virgin and “saving herself for marriage.”  That becomes particularly interesting now because Vienna has said that Jake avoided sex with her for six months, giving her a list of excuses, including that he believes premarital sex is a sin.

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Adamson is now shocked to hear the report that Jake says  pre-marital sex is a sin.

“I think it sounds like a cop out,” said Corrie, 23, who is clearly supporting Vienna. “I’m Team Vienna. From what I’ve heard she’s going to come out on top of all this.”

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Despite her dislike of Jake, Adamson does believe his feelings for Vienna were genuine – at the beginning at least.

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“I can see how people would say Jake is just in it for the fame,” she told RadarOnline.com. “But I definitely saw a really strong connection between him and Vienna when we were in the house.”

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