EXCLUSIVE: Heidi Montag Hasn’t Been In Contact With Ailing Dad

As she continues her back and forth with allegedly estranged husband Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag has been neglecting another man in her life: her father Bill Montag. RadarOnline.com has learned that Heidi has not been in contact with her father even though he has been suffering from a bacterial infection in Colorado.

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“I have been feeling pretty low,” Bill Montag told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “I have a bacterial infection and I’m going to see a doctor.

“Heidi has not been in touch with me since I got sick.”

The plastic surgery obsessed pin-up has not spoken to her father in several months and has still not reached out to him despite the fact that he is sick.

A female friend of Bill’s told RadarOnline.com that the rancher was “really not well” and that it would take him “some time to pull through this.”

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Bill– who has not spoken to Heidi since his birthday in March– is worried about her health and could not believe that either Heidi or her husband Spencer Pratt refused to speak with his ex-wife Darlene when she stopped by their home shortly before their separation. The Colorado rancher believes that his daughter is currently living a life that is pushing her family further and further away.

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“Why would they call the police on Heidi’s mom? She is not a threat, it makes absolutely no sense, they need to show more respect,” he told RadarOnline.com. “My daughter used to phone me several times a week but we have not spoken since my birthday.”

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His famous daughter also did not tell him about her recent trip to a Santa Monica Court where she demanded a legal separation from Pratt.

“I have not been in touch with her vocally about any of this, so I don’t know what’s really going on,” Bill said.

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