EXCLUSIVE DJ Pauly D’s New Song: ‘I’m Only Dealing With 9s and 10s, Not 3s and 4s’

DJ Pauly D and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino aren’t just battling for best body; they’re now releasing rival fist-pumping house tracks.

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And, RadarOnline.com has your first listen to Pauly DJ’s new song Beatdatbeat.

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The lyrics are typical of the Jersey Shore star’s persona.

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“This is DJ Pauly D, Being a guido is a way of life.
I don’t represent Italians, I represent myself.
I started this whole GTL s**t.
Gym Tan and Laundry. You stay fresh to daaaance.

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And it he goes on to rap:

“How come everytime I’m DJing, they’re be a hot a** girl and she’s got an ugly a** friend? Come on man ain’t got no time for that. I’m only dealing with nines and tens not threes and fours.”

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The song is on the new Jersey Shore soundtrack that will be released July 20.  The Situation’s song called The Situation was released two weeks ago.

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