EXCLUSIVE: Bret Michaels On Tour: ‘He’s Tired,’ Has A Long Way To Go

Bret Michaels brought his Roses and Thorns tour to Wheeling Island Racetrack and Casino in Wheeling, West Virginia on Memorial Day and it’s clear the performer is struggling with his endurance.

So much so, it has everyone around him worried.

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Traveling in style in new tour buses, Bret spent his pre-concert hours resting. But as one of his spokespeople admitted to RadarOnline.com: “He’s tired. He’s getting his rest.”

“He looks great and he’s excited about everything but he did just have a close call — and he’s still tired a lot,” the spokesperson said.

“The whole crew is making sure that he gets as much rest as possible… we’re out here until September and we’re only three shows into it.”

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So cautious is Brett, he passed up the opportunity to hit the local casino.

“He’s just going to be resting until it’s time for the show,” his spokesperson told us.

Last month, the former Poison front man suffered a near fatal brain hemorrhage but miraculously made it back to the final of Celebrity Apprentice and American Idol.

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Saturday night in Biloxi, Mississippi, Bret told the audience 10 songs into the set: “I don’t know if it’s true, but I could possibly be a judge on American Idol.”

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After winning Celebrity Apprentice a week ago, Bret even admitted he’s been going against doctor’s orders after his close call.

His gaunt appearance has worried many around him and caused them to question the wisdom of his decision to tour for the entire summer.

The Roses & Thorn tour was in Columbus, Ohio, on Sunday before heading to Wheeling.

The singer’s entire crew has been looking out for their popular boss, several roadies told RadarOnline.com.

One said: “We’re all concerned. We want to make sure he gets his rest and doesn’t push it.”

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Another crew member added: “He’s got a long way to go, but he’s getting better. He’s just going to have to be careful for awhile.”

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And of course on any Bret Michaels’ tour it’s not hard to find adoring fans.

Our favorite, who wanted to be identified only as Amy from Pittsburgh, told RadarOnline.com: “Bret Michaels and I have had a hot romance for 22 years —  he just isn’t aware of it!”

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