Broke Heidi Montag Sells Ads On Twitter

Heidi Montag is pulling a Lindsay Lohan. The Hills star is capitalizing on her Twitter addiction.

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While Lohan hawks Burberry on her Twitter, Montag is tweeting for companies like the discount websites Living Social and Haute Look.

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On June 18, she tweeted: “You had me at “90% off”… h**tp://**** Sign-up and RT if you love a great deal! (Ad)”.

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The link goes to Living Social, a website that gives subscribers discounts at restaurants, hair salons and such in Los Angeles and other cities..

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On June 22, Montag tweeted a link to a dating website that only features men called, which calls itself “a playground for women.”

Montag tweeted, “Maybe being single wasn’t such a bad idea after all… h**tp://**** (Ad).”

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It looks as if Montag’s attempts to cash in on her supposed affair with Spencer‘s friend Cougar Zank didn’t work out.

Zank previously told that he and Heidi had been dating for the past three weeks and he had video of them picnicking together.

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The pair was asking some media outlets up to $30,000 for the footage and juicy details on their relationship.

Lohan has been tweeting ads for a while now, leading to speculation that she resorted to being paid to social market as a way to stay afloat financially.

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While Montag doesn’t have her own SCRAM bracelet, yet, it sure looks like she and another troubled star have a lot in common.

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