VIDEO: Dina & Michael Lohan: Peace At Last… For Now

As was first to reveal, the war between Michael and Dina Lohan is over.

Now a court in Nassau County, New York, has officially rubber-stamped the ceasefire.

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The once-feuding parents of Lindsay Lohan have just left court after reaching an agreement on their long-running child support dispute.

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The pair had also pledged a mutual understanding on how to support their troubled daughter Lindsay.

“The Lohans are extremely happy the matter is resolved,” Michael’s lawyer told reporters.

But already, the gap between Michael and Dina is starting to emerge, albeit ever-so-slightly.

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Outside court, Michael told he did not want his daughter to feature in the upcoming biopic of porn star Linda Lovelace.

“Why would any parent want their child to be involved in a rape scene,” Michael said.

“Dina wants Lindsay to do it because she thinks its artistic… I don’t.”

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The troubled actress believes that playing the tragic porn star can kick-start her faltering career and put her back on the Hollywood map.

That aside, Michael said he was happy his daughter was installed with an alcohol-monitoring bracelet and that she was “living a healthier lifestyle” and “running with a different crowd”.

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For her part, Dina maintained Judge Marsha Revel — who ordered Lindsay not to drink alcohol, to  attend alcohol education class once a week and to undergo random drug  testing — was “harsh”.

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