VIDEO: Heidi Montag’s Audition Tape To Replace Megan Fox In Transformers 3

Heidi Montag really wants to be in Transformers 3 and to prove it, she’s sent her own audition tape to director Michael Bay.

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In what ranks up there with biggest publicity gags yet, The Hills star filmed a thirty second video clip of herself shooting targets at American Defense Enterprises and posted it on what she thought was Bay’s Twitter page.

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“This is for you, Michael Bay!” Heidi said with a straight face before doing a dance around several targets she shoots at.

The best part is, Heidi doesn’t seem to know which Twitter page belongs to the real Michael Bay. The person who got Heidi’s post, who incidentally calls himself “the fake Michael Bay,” tweeted back to Heidi, saying “Thanks sweetheart, but how are you with Turtle wax on Ferrari paint?”

Calls by to Michael Bay were unreturned.

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