VIDEO: Bret Michaels Tells Oprah That Facing His Daughters In The Hospital ‘Was Tough’

In his first televised interview since escaping death from a severe brain hemorrhage, Bret Michaels tells Oprah Winfrey that the hardest part of his ordeal was facing telling his daughters that he might die.

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Wearing his signature bandana and exhibiting his tremendous will to live, the front man for Poison told Oprah what went through his mind during his darkest hours.

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Here is an excerpt of the satellite TV interview that aired on Wednesday:

Bret: My life didn’t flash before my eyes. It wasn’t like all of a sudden rerun of my life. What happened was I got very sad.

I went into completely just asking God ‘You’ve got to let me live through this.’ I could tell that how fast everyone was moving around something was bad.

And when a doctor– I could overhear him saying to Kristi (Bret’s girlfriend and mother of his children) if you have children you should bring them to the hospital now. That was tough.

Oprah: You said you got really sad and started talking to God. Did He talk back?

Bret: He may have I think I was doing a lot of asking at that point. I know I’ve done a lot of rotten things.

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Bret is hoping to make the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday and start touring again on May 28.

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