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VIDEO: Bachelorette Ali Meets Her Men; “Shooter” Explains His Nickname!

The new season of the Bachelorette premiered  on ABC  Monday night with Ali Fedotowsky getting to meet the group of 25 hot guys who are going to be competing for her heart and judging by their looks she’s going to have a tough time deciding who is the best catch in the bunch.

“I’m so ready to fall in love again,” Ali told show host Chris Harrison

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Meeting each guy gave Ali a glimpse into his personality.  There was one proposal – a cubic zirconia ring from John C., Chris N. gives her a real rose, Kirk made her a paper rose, Kyle pretended to catch her while fishing and Jason did a daredevil back flip off the hood of the limo!  Not a bad way to start off.

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“I’m looking for somebody who is smart and funny and wants to treat me right,” Ali tells the guys.

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Each guy tried to do things to make them stand out from the crowd. Kirk made a scrapbook for Ali; Hunter played the Ukulele and sang a rhyming song for her.

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Derek explained how he got his nickname Shooter.  “I might have prematurely, in college freshman year, accidentally… and so that’s maybe how…”

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“You are a brave man for telling that story, that’s a good one,” Ali replied!

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In a move that might have foreshadowed the end results Ali gave the First Impression Rose to Roberto. “I’m choosing to give it to the guy that I think I could end up with,” she said.  Reality Steve has predicted that he is one of the two finalists in the show.  “You look very handsome, cute,” Ali said about him when they first met. They danced together and Roberto even told her she was a pro.  “I’m really, really digging Roberto, he’s sexy, he’s sweet,” Ali said about the tall dark and handsome contestant.

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Chris threw a wrench in the evening by asking the guys to take a vote – on which guy they think “isn’t there for the right reason.”  Their overwhelming choice was Justin “Rated R” Rego.  The professional “entertainment wrestler” was on crutches with a broken ankle and a majority of the guys in the house already seemed to think that he is “Rated Dishonest,” and that he isn’t there for the right reasons. Seems like the guys might be on to something…

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Ali ignored the advice of the guys in the house and gave Justin a rose anyway, keeping him around for another week.  She then eliminated eight guys in the rose ceremony, including Shooter, and gave her final rose to Casey.  “It was a really hard decision,” Ali said of the eliminations.

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The upcoming episodes show Ali and the guys traveling through Europe and promises to be the most exciting one yet.  The Bachelorette airs on Monday at 9pm on ABC.