Survivor Producer’s Parents Retain Guardianship Of His Children

Judge Mitchell Beckloff extended temorary guardianship of Bruce and Monica Beresford-Redman‘s two children to Bruce’s parents on Thursday.

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The temporary guardianship will stay in place until the next court hearing of June 17th.

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Carla and Jeane Burgos, Monica’s two sisters, were also in court trying to gain guardianship.

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Beckloff denied that motion but did allow the two sisters to have visitation on Sundays, and Tuesdays from the time school ends until around dinner time.

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The sisters had requested visitation for the entire weekend, but Beckloff denied that request as well.

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Beckloff also ordered that neither party can remove either of the children from the seven Southern California counties.

Bruce remains in Mexico, and still hasn’t been charged with a crime.

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