Summer used to mean boring re-runs and old movies. Not anymore—some of the best and most addictive shows are on during the hot summer months. There’s nothing better than being entertained while cooling off in the A.C, right? Here’s our peek of some of this summer’s shows we’re the most excited about!

Season Premiere: May 24th at 9pm ET on ABC
The Scoop: Ali Fedotowsky is looking for love and handing out the roses on this edition of The Bachelorette. You may remember when she chose her career over pilot Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor. You may also recall that when she changed her mind—Jake rejected her! Well, Ali’s in control this summer and has her pick of 25 eligible bachelors in the hopes of finding true love.

Jake and Vienna Still Going Strong Despite Breakup Reports

Season Premiere: Monday, May 31st at 9pm ET on TLC
The Scoop: After a whirlwind year including a few pit-stops on Oprah, award winning pastry chef and cake decorator Buddy Vastro and his family are back with more fun at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, NJ.! This season, the family celebrates the bakery’s 100th anniversary and takes a vacation to visit Italy.

Who’s The Cake Boss?

Season Premiere: Monday, May 31st at 10pm ET on ABC
The Scoop: In the second season of this beauty competition with a twist, 10 beautiful people think they are competing to become the “Face of Vegas” but the reality is they are secretly being judged on their inner beauty! Vanessa Minnillo returns as a judge but is joined this season by former Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Carson Kressley and Howard Stern‘s wife Beth Ostrosky Stern.

TV Guide Recounts Biggest Failures In Boob Tube History

Series Premiere: June 1st at 10pm ET on NBC
The Scoop: The Biggest Loser’s toughest trainer, Jillian Michaels gives eight families a much needed wake-up call each week when she moves in with them to help them makeover their lives into a much healthier way! But they don’t get off so easy—after the week is up, she comes back a few months to check on their progress!

Jillian Michaels

Series Premiere: Tuesday, June 1 at 10pm ET on Oxygen
The Scoop: Meet your favorite new, New Jersey girls—Diane and her daughters Kimberly and Christina Scali. They own Diane & Co—a high fashion destination in Jersey for everything from prom dresses to leopard prints. Kimberly’s business sense and Christina’s fairytale aspirations make a great combination, but mixing family with business can be challenging. We’re hoping for lots of fights, make-ups and of course shopping experiences like no other!

Your Sneak Peak: Jerseylicious

Season Premiere: Tuesday, June 1st at 8pm ET on Fox
The Scoop: Feared yet revered Chef Gordon Ramsey takes it upon himself to see if sixteen of the nation’s most talented chef’s can take the heat in his kitchen. This is the seventh season of this uber addicting show as each week the chef’s serve up dinner in the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant and try to impress Chef Ramsay so they don’t get sent home and are named the winner!

Gordon Ramsey Calls Out Jimmy Kimmel On His Weight


Series Premiere: June 3rd at 9pm ET on the CW
The Scoop: Vampire fanatics take note! Alex O’loughlin plays private investigator Mick St. John, and much like Twilight‘s Edward Cullen, he’s a vampire that uses his abilities to help humans. Ever since Mick saved Beth Turner’s (Sophia Myles) life years ago, he hasn’t been the same. Their paths cross again and this time he can’t deny that he’s in love with her. But the question is—will she reciprocate those feelings?

Season Premiere: Sunday, June 6th at 9pm ET on the Food Network
The Scoop: 12 wanna-be stars compete for their very own Food Network show on the sixth season of this hit competition. Bobby Flay is back as a judge and Giada de Laurentiis is now mentoring the contestants through the whole grueling experience!

Food Network Tastes The Glamorous Life: Private Chefs of Beverly Hills

Series Premiere: June 7th at 9pm ET on FOX
The Scoop: In this action-comedy, Bradley Whitford plays former big-shot detective Dan Stark. Back in the “glory days” he was a hero and well-respected. Today, he’s just seen as washed up and a bit of a wild card. His new partner is the young, ambitious and by-the-book detective Jack Bailey (played by Colin Hanks). Together, you know that crimes will be solved and hilarity will ensue!

Season Premiere: Monday, June 7 at 11pm ET
*Regular timeslot premiere Monday, June 14 at 10pm ET on Oxygen
The Scoop: Scary Spice Girl Mel B. is taking over hosting duties on this hit show from last summer. The hybrid dance/weight loss competition series features talented, full-figured contestants who take to the stage to unleash their inner thin. They will battle each other for a shot at a $100,000 grand prize. The expert panel of judges includes Lisa Ann Walter, Danny Teeson plus a weekly guest judge.

Dance Your Ass OFF

Series Premiere: June 10th at 10pm ET on Bravo
The Scoop: Our favorite New York City housewife gets her very own show (and now she really is a housewife!) The snarky and charming Bethenny Frankel gets away from all that drama with Jill Zarin and the spotlight is on her engagement to Jason Hoppy as they expect their first child. Every moment is captured as Bethenny finally gets to “have it all!”

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