PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin Takes Kids To Visit New Digs

Jon Gosselin was on daddy duty Monday, picking his adorable kids up from the school bus and taking them for a tour of his new pad – and has the photos.

PHOTOS: Jon Takes The Kids To His Apartment

As previously reported, the sextuplets turned six on Monday, and Jon had been concerned that he wouldn’t get to see his boys and girls on their special day as Kate had primary custody.

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PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin¹s Moving Day

But, burying the hatchet maybe, Jon and Kate managed to iron out a visitation agreement that allowed Kate to have breakfast with the kids and Jon to spend the afternoon with them.

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PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin At Autograph Signing Event

And what better way to spend the afternoon than checking out dad’s new digs! Jon moved into the Reading PA apartment on April 28th, he had previously
been living with his brother.

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