PHOTOS: It’s Back To The Grind For Jesse James

Fresh off his blockbuster interview with ABC News, Jesse James was back to work Wednesday at his Long Beach, California garage, West Coast Choppers, and has the photos for you.

PHOTOS: It’s Back To The Grind For Jesse James

A haggard-looking James, 41, was seen petting a dog before heading to nearby Cisco Burgers with a male friend.

In the ABC interview, James talked about the serial cheating that destroyed his marriage to Sandra Bullock; said he loves Louis Bardot, the baby they were supposed to adopt; and admitted he was abused as a child by his father Larry, suffering a black eye and broken arm as the result of one attack.

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“My whole childhood, I never had a chance to be a kid — I was always scared,” James said. “I was a terrorized kid and, I mean, it’s really tough for me to think about now because — [my daughter] Sunny is the age that I was when my dad broke my arm.”

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His father has denied the allegations.

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