Max & Indie Come Home

When you open your heart up to love, even the furry kind, life requires a series of adjustments. Max & Indie Come Home tells the story of two sisters who adopt some kittens from a local animal shelter. They plan everything in advance before bringing their kittens home, but nothing could prepare them for the rambunctious Max and his shy sister Indie.

PHOTOS:  The inspiration for Max & Indie Come Home

As the two sisters adapt to life with their sibling kittens they find that they must adjust not only to the needs of their new feline companions, but to the differences in their personalities. Max and Indie are as different as night and day. Max & Indie Come Home illustrates for us the rewards of pet adoption as well as the responsibility of bringing an animal into your home. This bright and colorful book is a great bridge to initiate a discussion with your child before adopting. It is also entertaining enough to read in its own right. Max & Indie will purr their way into your heart and hopefully open it enough to make room for a pet of your own.

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