Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer: ‘She’ll Be Back In LA By Friday’

Shawn Chapman Holley has rep’d celebrity jailbirds O.J. Simpson, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. But the biggest dilemma the legal eagle faces at the moment is a missing passport and a stranded Lindsay Lohan.

Following a day of high drama, in which it emerged the troubled starlet missed her flight from Cannes because of a supposed stolen passport, Chapman Holley has scrambled to assemble a file — including a police report and sworn affidavits — in a bid to convince the judge Lohan’s story is legit.

DOCUMENT: Lindsay Lohan Alcohol Education Report

“Lindsay’s lawyer knows the judge and the district attorney are going to be looking at the documents very, very carefully,” a source close to Lohan told

Lohan has been ordered to a probation hearing on Thursday that could result in jail time for missing alcohol education classes imposed for a 2007 drunken driving case.

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Chapman Holley confirmed to Lohan is booked to meet with the US Embassy in France — at the same time — she is expected to be in a Los Angeles court.

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“Every effort is being made to get Lindsay back to Los Angeles as quickly as possible,” said Chapman Holley.

“Lindsay has an appointment with the Embassy tomorrow morning and I believe she will be issued an emergency passport so she can come back to Los Angeles immediately.

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“If everything goes as planned, Lindsay should be back in Los Angeles no later than Friday.”

Judge Marsha Revel is almost certain to issue a warrant for Lohan’s arrest, meaning she could be arrested on her return to Los Angeles.

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“But Lindsay hopes to voluntarily surrender to the court and not be arrested,” added our srouce.

It’s at Judge Revel’s discretion if a warrant will be issued and under what conditions.

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“It’s possible that the warrant could be issued tomorrow morning, but held until Lindsay shows up in court by an agreed date,” said one legal source.

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