Katy Perry Talks About Wedding & Fiance Russell Brand

Katy Perry who says she feels “a little bit like a Priscilla Presley,” is revealing details about her wedding and shooting down some rumors, RadarOnline.com has confirmed.

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The 25-year-old beauty appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show Monday morning saying she felt like Elvis’ teenage bride, “young, in love getting married.”

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She described her fiancé Russell Brand as “Oscar Wilde meets Dudley Moore meets Jim Morrison, a little Elvis Presley meets Charles Manson.”

Katy, who obviously is as wacky as her British comedian boyfriend, says “It’s like an episode of I Love Lucy continuing.”

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Rihanna, who is one of Katy’s best friends and is planning who bachelorette party, leaked to Ryan a few weeks that she thought the wedding was going to be in India.

Katy says Rihanna was wrong “But I think she got the idea that we got engaged in India –wrong for the reprise.”

Katy Perry’s Party At Boulevard 3

Katy is keeping the location secret, but implied that out of the U.S. is a definite “I hope it to be in a location.” She told Ryan. “I think it’s better to take people of out their comfort zone and mesh the groups.”
She won’t give an exact date, but she has sent out “Save The Week” notices. And, while the California Gurl wants a small wedding, she says she’s going to throw lots of parties. “Everybody knows I love a good party,” she says.

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Katy’s new song California Gurls with Snoop Dogg is #2 on Billboard’s Top 100, and her Teenage Dream album comes out August 24, 2010.

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