Inside Charlie Sheen’s Prenup: Wife Gets “Anniversary Payment” of $300,000

The prenup between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller is a thing of accounting beauty, relaying in charts and jargon down to the dime how much Brooke will or will not get if she and the actor ever split. Along with other startling revelations, the papers show that Sheen shells out an “anniversary payment” to Brooke for simply staying married!

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“Charlie shall pay to Brooke…the annual sum of $300,000 (the ‘Anniversary Payment’), payable within 30 days of the anniversary marriage,” reads the document obtained by Gawker. The payment is valid for the first ten years of marriage and if the couple divorces before then and between anniversaries, the time will be prorated.

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If Charlie fails to pay, Brooke can send him a notice of default and the payment will accrue interest.

Within the first 180 days of their marriage, Brooke received $500,000 and received stakes in Sheen’s homes. In the event of divorce, Brooke will receive a $100,000 relocation fee and whichever of Sheen’s cars she is currently driving.

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Charlie also has to pay all of Brooke’s living expenses which include (but are not limited to): food, clothing, vacations, recreation, gym, gifts to third parties, life insurance premiums, preparation of joint tax returns, household supplies, education, medical, nursery/child-related expenses, auto insurance, cosmetics, hair care, utilities, phone, entertainment and incidentals.

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The prenup does shield Brooke from cashing on Sheen’s money from the CBS hit Two and a Half Men. Which, based on the following sentence, second wife Denise Richards already had a stake in:

“Such gross income received is subject to commission expense, other business expenses, income taxes and certain provisions of an agreement pending finalization between Mr. Sheen and his ex-wife.”

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