Howard K. Stern Denies Tampering With Witness

Howard K. Stern has been accused of intimidating a witness via MySpace in the Anna Nicole Smith drug trial. Problem is, according to his legal team, the former partner of the late model doesn’t even have an account on the social networking site.

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“I  wish to put to rest the latest accusations by Mark Hatten,” attorney J. Christopher Smith told

“They are absolutely false. Mr. Stern has not in any way made any recent attempts to contact or threaten Mr. Hatten.”

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The man making the claim, according to South Carolina police, is Mark Hatten, one of Anna Nicole’s  ex-boyfriends.

He has told Greeleyville police that he received a  “threatening” message from Stern on MySpace just over two weeks ago.

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“Mr.  Stern does not even have a MySpace account,” Stern’s lawyer insisted.

“The  hope is that MySpace and the authorities at the Greeleyville Police  Department will quickly conduct the appropriate investigation.

“At  which point, they will most certainly conclude that there is absolutely  no basis in fact to this ridiculous story.”

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