Gifting Suites Go To The Dogs

Celebs get to go to gifting suites all the time, so why not their dogs?  This weekend, Cesar pet food hosted a glamorous Silver Spoon Dog suite, for the four-legged kind.

Stars such as Amy Smart, Beverly Mitchell, Josh Sussman from Glee, Derek Theler, Cassie Scerbo and boyfriend Cody Longo, Evan Handler, Isaiah Mustafa (the Old Spice guy), the Mayor’s girlfriend Lu Parker, Joe Manganiello who came by with his girlfriend and small dog, Susie Castillo (Miss USA), Taylor Sreitier (Days of our Lives) and Katie Cecil of all-girls group KMS, all came out to treat their doggies. And, while they were expected to attend in person, Tori & Dean sent their assistant to come and pick up some great Cesar goodies for their small dogs – as they were a little busy renewing their vows.

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Some entrees were customized with your pup’s mug, which pretty much guaranteed that they won’t get eaten!

And it was heartening to discover how many of the pooches were rescues, like Mackenzie Phillips who came with her one-eyed rescue Chihuahua.

For the record, we have three rascally, rescue daschunds, who now think that gifting suites for dogs is a grrrrrr…eat idea!

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