EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Simon’s Swan Song; Former Idol Contestants Tease Departing Judge

After nine years as the lovable “King of Mean,” Simon Cowell‘s time as American Idol’s caustically charming judge has come to an end.

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RadarOnline.com’s David Viggiano was on hand for Wednesday’s big two-hour finale, and he asked dozens of ex-American Idol contestants walking the red carpet for their favorite memory, and best impersonation, of the 50-year-old English music maven who’s so bad, he’s good.

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Idol’s season 6 runner-up, Blake Lewis, said he got along with Cowell because they shared the same rebellious attitudes, while Ace Young recalled, “He didn’t like my outfit — so much so that he didn’t hear me sing.”

Pop culture punchline William Hung (She Bangs!) said that Cowell’s harshest comments are what most will remember him for.

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Other former contestants, including Alex Lambert, Michael Johns and Antonella Barba, then launched into some great impressions of Cowell — we’ll let you be the judge who did it best.

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