EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan Issues Plea to Lindsay… And Her Judge

At least one Lohan has arrived in Los Angeles ahead of Thursday’s probation hearing.

While Lindsay is stranded in France supposedly without a passport, family patriarch Michael is preparing for the crucial court date and has given RadarOnline.com a preview of his plea to judge Marsha Revel.

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“Listen, incarceration is not going to work to help her,” Lohan told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

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“There are no rehabilitative properties or measures that are taken in jail that really work.

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“If you look at the recidivist rate of people that go in and come out-especially people with drug problems-Lindsay needs her life back and the only way she’s going to do that is if she get a longer term program that’s customized for what her problems are.”

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As RadarOnline.com reported earlier on Wednesday, Lindsay has claimed her passport was stolen, preventing her from catching a plane back to the U.S. for the hearing.

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Lindsay’s mom Dina told RadarOnline.com that Lindsay had filed for a new passport. However, as we revealed, the U.S. Embassy has said no such application has been filed.

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The D.A. has said she could ask for up to 180 days in jail should Lindsay be found in violation of her probation.

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Michael has been insistent that Lindsay needs rehab.

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In a message directed to his troubled daughter, Michael said: “I’m here for you. I’m not doing this to hurt you. I love you and I don’t want you to go to jail, it’s no place for you.

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“You think it’s easy for you to just walk into jail and walk out.

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“But honey, it’s not going to be that way this time. Let us help you. Mom loves you. I love you.

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“We had a great meeting the other day about things we need to deal with ourselves. We just want to get this right and help you get this right.

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“I’m not saying you’re lying about your passport. I just want you to get the help you need and we’re here to do that for you and I am going to fight for you to the very end.”

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