EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jesse James’ Mistress Merilee Gerth Says Ex Boss “Sincere”

Merilee Gerth, a former V.P. of Jesse James’ West Coast Choppers, says her ex-boss was “sincere” in his television mea culpa.

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You’ll remember Gerth. She is the mistress, as RadarOnline.com revealed, who infamously kept a T-shirt with a certain fluid that triggered a big sexual harassment settlement.

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We encountered her in Los Angeles the day after Jesse admitted on Nightline that he was the victim of abuse as a child — and that the shame of it turned him into a womanizer and cheater.

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His father Larry has told RadarOnline.com it’s all lie, in an exclusive video interview.

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But Gerth — who ended her trysts with James in 2007 — said she was aware of James’ secret past before Tuesday’s admission.

“I think it was a good, sincere interview,” Gerth said.

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“He didn’t specifically talk about certain incidents, but I know they had a very strained relationship when he was a kid.”

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In the interview on Nightline, James said of his father: “He beat my ass pretty good a bunch of times… I just remember, like, clinched teeth, strained-neck look on his face. My whole childhood, I never had a chance to be a kid… I was always scared.”

“I think it is great that he found out what one of the issues was,” Gerth said.

“I think it will be great for him, his family and his employees and I think really good for everybody.”

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