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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jesse James’ Dad “Disgusted And Brokenhearted” By Abuse Allegations

Jesse James‘ father is speaking out about his son’s explosive Nightline interview in which the West Coast Choppers CEO alleged that his father abused him as a child.

“None of it is true,” James’ dad Larry said in an exclusive interview obtained by RadarOnline.com. “My kids were my whole life. I would never ever hurt any one of them. I would have died before I would have hurt them.”

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In an interview with Nightline that aired Tuesday night, James alleged that his father beat him and even broke his arm when he was six years old. “He beat my ass pretty good a bunch of times,” James said. “I was petrified of my dad…I was a terrorized kid.”

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“I never even remember spanking my kids,” Larry countered.

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“I think he made these allegations because he’s told so many lies for so many years about his childhood,” Larry said, claiming James has fabricated a terrible childhood in an attempt to build a persona as a bad boy and tough guy.

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“He was a fantastic kid, we did everything together,” Larry added, further refuting James’ claims of a rough past. “He was the apple of my eye.”

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In fact, the only childhood hardship Larry can remember his son encountering was one that resulted in a tender moment between the two.

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“I can’t remember anything about his childhood that was tragic except for when my mom died in 1981, he was very close to his nana, he was eleven years old then,” Larry revealed. “He was the first one there to comfort me, he had never seen his dad cry before.”

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With emotion in his voice, he added: “I could never hurt my son for all the tea in China…I would never let anybody hurt my kids.”