EXCLUSIVE: Tamra Barney’s Son Arrested

Tamra Barney‘s son Ryan Vieth was arrested last night by Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies.

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In an exclusive interview Tamra, star of The Real Housewives of Orange County, told Radaronline.com “Orange County Sheriff Deputies came to his grandmother’s house last night around 9pm and arrested him.”

“I got a call son after and Ryan left a message saying he had been arrested.”


“Ryan said in his message, ‘Mom I just want to let you know I’ve been arrested and I’m on my way to jail. I go to court on Friday and that is all I know.’ Tamra, told Radaronline.com.

“I haven’t spoken to Ryan since his arrest, I am livid.  I’m done enabling him.”I’ve cried my last tear for him, I don’t have anymore.”

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Ryan Vieth, 24, is unemployed and lives with Tamra’s mother. He spent four nights in jail last Summer because he didn’t have the money to pay for fines for several speeding ticket and driving without a license.

“When he left jail last year he was put on a installment plan, he’s still owes $300 and that is why he was arrested, ” Tamra told Radaronline.com.

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“I love Ryan, but he needs to grow up.  I’ve enabled him way too much throughout his life and it’s over.”He’s an adult now and needs to start providing for himself. “When he gets of jail there is going to be an intervention with him. “He goes to court tomorrow, Friday, I won’t be there. “I love him but enough is enough, he needs to grow up.”

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