EXCLUSIVE: Reality Romance: Jersey Shore’s Vinny Hooks Up With Rock Of Love’s Brittanya

The mamma’s boy of Jersey Shore Vinny Guadagnino hooked up with the Black Widow of VH1 Brittanya O’Campo—it sounded like a match made in reality heaven, but RadarOnline.com exclusively spoke to the Latin bombshell who gave us the details of the romance.

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The unlikely pair met in February at a Super bowl party in Los Angeles.

“Someone introduced us at a Fantasy Factory party and we were just so into each other,” Brittanya told RadarOnline.com. 

“Afterward, we went to another party at Club Playhouse and the chemistry was great. We spent the whole night making out in the corner.  It was as if no one else was at the party.”

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Their relationship blossomed before the shooting for the second season of Jersey Shore.

“We talked everyday from February through April and we got together a few times and really had fun, he is an amazing guy,” Brittanya told RadarOnline.com.

But when he left “he didn’t call and say goodbye, I was really upset.”

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Brittanya, who’s recognized for her stint on VH1’s Rock of Love Bus and Charm School 3, wasn’t pursing Vinny for fame.

She does 75 club appearances a year, is starring in a film and even has her own clothing line called the Brittanya collection.

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The couple hasn’t spoken since April, but now that Jersey Shore is done taping, Brittanya said Vinny wants to hook up.

She just received a text on Thursday.

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RadarOnline.com has obtained the text exchange:

Vinny: Do you remember me?
She tells us she didn’t respond “I was upset he didn’t say goodbye.”

About an hour later, he texted again.

Vinny: O.K. It’s going to be like that?

She responded with an explanation why she was hurt.

Vinny: I didn’t say goodbye to everybody.
Brittanya: I didn’t realize I was everybody.
Vinny: I will be in La next week, we should hook up.

She didn’t respond.

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“I am not worried about Vinny I am sure he will do just fine,” Brittanya said.

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