EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Polanski Accuser’s Friend: ‘She’s Not A Liar’

Charlotte Lewis is being defended in her allegations against Roman Polanski by a childhood friend who has spoken only to RadarOnline.com.

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“A young girl who’s very attractive is just very attractive, it doesn’t mean she wants to have sex,” Jon Jacobs tells RadarOnline.com.  “You know what I mean?  Yes, she was there.  She certainly went through it.”

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Jacobs and Lewis were childhood friends in the UK, and he visited her on the set of Pirates, the film she shot with Roman Polanski directing.

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In an explosive press conference Friday, Lewis accused Polanski of sexually abusing her in his Paris apartment during the shoot.  Lewis was then 16 years-old.

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“She was young and out there on her own,” Jacobs, who visited his friend of the set, continues.  “She didn’t have family with any experience.  She was on her own in the world.”

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After she wrapped the Polanski film, Charlotte landed in Hollywood.  She was the IT girl, as Jacobs recalls.

“She came off Polanski and right into The Golden ChildEddie Murphy was crazy about her.

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“But I’ll tell you something, I met Charlotte when I was 15 and she was 14 and we both used to go to the clubs and as gorgeous as she was, she was never promiscuous around me and didn’t sleep with the guys who were trying to get with her.”

Jacobs says he first heard of Charlotte’s accusations against Polanski three or four months ago. “I’m not going to doubt her.  She’s not a liar,” he says.

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Jacobs isn’t certain why his friend waited so long to go public with her allegation but he has his theory.

“It’s probably something that she had to turn over in her mind many, many times. I’m realizing she’s like ‘f**k Hollywood’.  That’s it.  She doesn’t care any more.

“She wants it off her chest.  That’s obviously what she’s doing.”

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