EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Jersey Shore’s Pauly D’s Pimped Out Motorcycle

Pauly D is about to get one pimped out ride and only RadarOnline.com has the photos of the impressive artwork painted on the gas tank and fender of his new motorcycle.

PHOTOS: The Final Pauly D Chopper Art

“When people look at his bike they will see the Italian colors and cartoon version of Pauly D spinning and there will be absolutely no question as to who owns this one-of-a-kind chopper,” Mona Aslop of Big Bear Chopper told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

PHOTOS:Pauly D’s Chopper Artwork

Pauly D made three specific requests for his paint job: a DJ theme, his Pauly D logo and the Italian flag and its colors. The artwork was done by Aggressive Designs who paints bikes for many celebrities like Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, and Lady Gaga.

PHOTOS: Check Out Pauly D’s New Ride

“The artists have truly captured his image,” Mona said.

Big Bear Choppers hired Pauly D to DJ this year for their 8th annual Ride The Mountain bike show and concert. In return, the company has gifted him a brand new bike with a personalized paint job created by artist Seth Boldman for Aggressive Designs.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: The Chopper Fender And Artwork For The Tank

“We made a team effort in putting this together, we paid close attention to details and made sure to include all his requests, I’m sure he’ll love it,” said Jeff Paradise from Aggressive Designs.

Big Bear Choppers was featured on World’s Most Expensive Rides on A&E. Fans with deep pockets can purchase one of their custom bikes for $20,000 to $100,000. The Ride The Mountain bike show will take place on Snow Summit in Big Bear, Calif., on June 19 where Pauly D will receive his hot new gift.

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