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EXCLUSIVE: Now You Can Walk In Kate Gosselin’s Shoes – If You Have Tiny Feet!

Have you ever wanted to actually walk or dance in a celebrities footsteps?

Well now you can – RadarOnline.com has learned that Kate Gosselin and Cheryl Burke are among a slew of celebrities that have donated their autographed shoes for Hillsides Foster Soles in Los Angeles.

But to squeeze into Kate’s shoes you are going to have to have pretty tiny feet! The reality mom donated a pair of her size 5 1/2 shoes from her gig on Dancing With The Stars for the worthy cause.

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Kate autographed the shoes, along with other cast members of the current season.

Honorary event chair, Dr. Drew Pinsky, who serves on the board for Hillsides, tells RadarOnline.com, “I have been practicing medicine in the Pasadena area for over 20 years and one of my patients introduced me to the institution. She knew that I had a special concern in for the pandemic of childhood abuse and the lack of quality mental health services for victimized children.”

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Pinsky’s wife Susan says, “Anything I can do to support them I am always willing. The more extraordinary story though is how responsive my celebrity friends were when I asked them to participate.”

Celebs that donated their shoes for the auction include Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel, Elton John, Ryan Seacrest, Larry King, just to name a few. Marlee Matlin is also participating and told RadarOnline.com,”Despite barriers I had growing up as a child who was deaf, my parents treated me like any child should be treated – with love and respect. I am a firm believer that children regardless of who they are or the barriers that society palces in their paths deserve no less than any other children. For me, it’s important that those of us who are able to, should lend a hand and help these children achieve their dreams.”

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To bid on the celebs fabulous footwear, visit www.clothesoffourback.org/hillsidesfostersoles.org. The auction lasts until May 20th.

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