EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan Says “I Just Want To Get Along With Dina”

Michael and Dina Lohan are both confirmed to attend an event in New York Friday night and they both know the other will be there.

Typo? No, you read it right. Lindsay’s parents are apparently OK with being in the same room together and Michael tells RadarOnline.com he hopes tonight’s event is a sign of good things to come.

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“We need to get along and let people see that we are trying,” Lohan said. “This is what Lindsay and all the kids want and need. All I want is to get along wth Dina. I have never said or tried otherwise. I won’t quit until she finally gets on the same page as me. The showdown is tonight. Let’s see if Dina can put her best foot forward like I do and will.”

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Of getting along, Michael adds, “This is where Dina and I were a short time ago and where we can be, if Dina allows it.”

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