EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan to Dina & Lindsay: “Being In LA Will Help Us All Get On The Same Page”

Michael Lohan is headed back to LA for what he calls “family business.” Notorious for commenting publicly about his famous daughter, Lohan has stayed surprisingly mum since hiring attorney Lisa Bloom. However he tells RadarOnline.com that having both Dina and Lindsay in LA is an opportunity to finally come together as a family.

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“I am here for family business, regular business and to complete the full music video for my friends Will Luke and his artist Ida Borgren,” Lohan told RadarOnline.com. “Hopefully the opportunity of having Dina and Lindsay here in LA will help us all to get on the same page with a lot of issues.”

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On Monday, Lindsay and Dina were videotaped going through security at JFK airport in NYC where they caught a flight to LA. Lindsay has a deposition scheduled for May 20. She’s missed the previous two. If she misses this one, she’ll probably go to jail.

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As for Michael, he’s in LA shooting a music video for an aspiring Swedish singer he describes as, “the next Lady Gaga.”

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