EXCLUSIVE: Kendra’s Sex Tape Partner: She’s Lying

Kendra Wilkinson is lying about her sex tape and her partner is maintaining a public silence to ensure his payday, a RadarOnline.com investigation has uncovered.

In a preview of the May 31 season finale of Kendra’s E! reality show she slams her former boyfriend Justin Frye (without using his name), saying his actions “broke my heart…how can u do that when I have a baby?” She adds that she hopes people “don’t press play” and view her porn tape.

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But the reality is that Kendra is making a fortune off the source, multiple sources confirmed to RadarOnline.com. As we previously reported she’s received $680,000 and will get up to 50% of sales.

What’s more, despite Kendra’s made-for-TV angst, she signed releases allowing the porn company to distribute the tape, RadarOnline.com learned exclusively.

Frye, however, did go behind her back and deliver the tapes to Vivid, the company that released the sex tape. Once the company had the tapes they secretly cut a deal with Kendra, RadarOnline.com learned.

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But the E! star wants the public to believe that she had nothing to do with the sale of the tape, so she’s keeping up the charade that she started when news of the tape first broke.

Justin told one person that he and Kendra are still friends and had an amicable breakup. But a source very close to the situation told RadarOnline.com that Kendra and Justin had a bitter breakup and when she moved out she left behind a veritable treasure trove of sex tapes.

Justin wanted to cash in and Kendra agreed.

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RadarOnline.com obtained irrefutable proof that Kendra is lying – documents that show she tried to sell her own sex tapes in 2008! One document, an engagement letter from a law firm she hired, specified that she was selling sex tapes of herself engaged in “intimate” relations with others!

Kendra even formed a company to handle the sale – Home Run Productions LLC. RadarOnline.com obtained documentation proving the company was formed in November, 2008.

The deal fell apart two years ago but Frye is the one who initiated the new deal this year. Once he delivered all of the tapes he had to Vivid, Kendra was signed up, RadarOnline.com learned.

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Kendra hired a top Los Angeles law firm and threatened to take action over the release of the sex tape. But the law firm did nothing – because Kendra is getting a huge payday and signed releases allowing the company to distribute the tape, RadarOnline.com learned.

Several legal experts contacted by RadarOnline.com said that Kendra’s lack of legal action was in direct opposition to her public stance of opposing the release of the tape. They explained she had a virtual slam-dunk multimillion dollar lawsuit against the company releasing the tape if they did so without her consent.

Kendra accused Frye, without using his name, of posting a naked photo of her on the internet and said she thought perhaps he was jealous of her life. In the preview of her E! season finale show she admits: “We had sex and every now and then we’d videotape it. I didn’t know I was going to become a celebrity. Most people these days do sex tapes when they are a celebrity.”

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It makes for great TV but it’s simply total BS sources close to the situation told RadarOnline.com. And Frye, who is using his $100,000 payment to buy a house, knows Kendra is lying but will not say it publicly because he doesn’t want to violate the terms of his deal with Vivid, RadarOnline.com learned.

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