EXCLUSIVE: Judge Lets Jersey Shore Brawl Lawsuit Move Forward

A judge has ruled that the lawsuit regarding bar brawls in which MTV Jersey Shore star Ronnie Magro participated in can move forward, RadarOnline.com has learned.

EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Shore Brawl Lawsuit: Sammi Started it!

An attorney for the three plaintiffs had filed a racketeering lawsuit against MTV and the 495 Production Company, claiming the reality show was profiting from the bar fights the plaintiffs were involved in by showing footage of them on air (the plaintiffs were blurred out).

“This is a tremendously significant thing. An open acknowledgment on the record by the court that the racketeering count can now go forward. This could wind up being a $5 million punch,” attorney Eugene LaVergne told RadarOnline.com exclusively.


Magro, who also goes by the name Ronnie Oritz-Magro, allegedly followed plaintiffs Josh Thomas and Kristin Perrenod out of a New Jersey bar on August 23, 2009, with the intention of causing a confrontation. Thomas and Magro eventually started to physically fight after exchanging insults.

The original documents claimed no one broke up the fight until an MTV security guard intervened and “detained J.T. until such time as police arrived, all while defendant Ortiz was allowed to quickly flee the scene with [girlfriend and Shore co-star] Sammi Sweetheart to avoid arrest.”

The third plaintiff Stephen Izzo was punched by Ronnie in a separate incident which aired during another episode.

Jersey Shore Star Ronnie Magro Arrested For Punch Up

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