EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James Selling Off His Possessions Online

Sandra peddled out of Jesse‘s life and now he’s selling the bikes!

Jesse James has posted two vintage bicycles on his eBay account, RadarOnline.com has learned — and bidders are vying for a piece of Sandra’s soon-to-be ex.

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One of his bikes has already fetched over $800!

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They’re part of a vast collection of James’ personal belongings up for grabs.

The serial love rat is also selling other collectibles and motorcycle parts including a vintage Bates Chopper seat pads, Indian Chief aluminum cans, and items of the more bizarre kind like a West Coast Choppers bathroom sign with very distinct lettering (F‹k Off), La France gas mask, and even two mini coffins! ­ A Custom Dennis McPhail hand painted coffin and Japanese fiberglass coffin light.

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The two rare pre-war bicycles include a 1937 Elgin Skylark Bluebird and 1941 Colson Firestone Super Cruiser.

In his post online, Jesse describes the Bluebird bicycle as a “beauty” and “one of the most highly styled ladies bicycles ever built” and “one of the
nicest original condition Skylarks in existence.”

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Jesse has purchased refurbished vintage tools from one eBay seller, who told RadarOnline.com: “I think Jessie [sells online] for a hobby. He certainly
doesn’t need the money.”

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“There were no problems, he’s very professional,” said another shopper.

And Jesse apparently delivers service with a smile.

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One buyer exclaimed: “Highly recommended! Great ebayer, extremely honest and true to his words!”

It seems the love rat also loves doing online business with his legion of eBay shoppers, writing: “And the Oscar for best Ebayer goes toooo ….thanks.”

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