EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tool Academy 3’s Angelo and Dayna Call It Quits

After Angelo Giannako’s stint on VH1’s Tool Academy 3, he never dreamt Dayna Mugno would end up cheating on him- and only two weeks after the show’s finale! The couple have officially split and Angelo spoke exclusively to RadarOnline.com about what led to their nasty break-up.

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“It hurt me a lot, I’m the guy who looked like the tool and now she does this, she’s the tool,” Angelo said after he discovered provocative photos of his girlfriend on Facebook.“I found out she has been kissing multiple girls, jello wrestling and doing all this crazy stuff.” Anthony added:  “I just kind of got the feeling you get when you know something isn’t right and so I just started digging.”

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Angelo and Dayna had been dating for over a year before Tool Academy and while Angelo was learning to be a faithful boyfriend, Dayna was beginning to change.

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“She was always so innocent but then she went skinny dipping on the show and that sort of made me wonder,” he went on to say. “I think she let fame go to her head and she’s just trying to get attention.”

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The reality star still loved his co-star and wanted to make it work between them until the day he saw an e-mail she wrote to a male DJ in Long Island.

“I want to go out for a drinky,” she wrote with a smiley face and tongue sticking out which Angelo described as a sexual sign. He later discovered Dayna had gone out with the DJ.

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“It hurt me a lot, I get all choked up when I talk about it,” said Angelo, who was known as the cry baby on Tool Academy 3.

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Angelo, who had plans to eventually move in with Dayna, has new outlook on life. “I am stronger now. I just want to move on and meet someone nice, this has been really painful.”

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