EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan In United Front With Dina To "Protect My Daughter"

Michael Lohan has finally found ground to unite with his ex-wife Dina. In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Lohan says he understands why Dina told Lindsay to postpone her return to the U.S. even after she’d received an emergency temporary passport to replace the one she said was stolen in Cannes.

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In a bombshell interview with RadarOnline.com, Dina revealed that once Judge Marsha Revel issued a bench warrant for her daughter because of her non-appearance in court last Thursday, Lindsay was advised to postpone her return to the U.S. until they could get it cleared by posting bail.


“I stand behind whatever Dina says that will protect my daughter,” Michael tells us.

“However the most important thing to me is that she stand behind me when it comes to getting our daughter the help she needs.”

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“Dina and I are in a great place right now,” he adds.

Michael does take exception, however, to Dina’s assertion that she and he don’t speak.

“That’s BS,” he insists. “I spoke to Dina three times today [Saturday]. The reason she’s saying that is because she doesn’t want word to get out to her mother or her brothers.”

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Michael is more understanding of the predicament Lindsay is in thanks to a photograph from Cannes that shows several lines of a suspicious-looking white powder on a table in front of her.

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“Unless I was or anyone else was there, no one can speculate on what that is or what was going on,” Michael says.

Lindsay claimed no knowledge of the white powder on the table, telling RadarOnline.com exclusively she was “set up” in the photo.

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Lindsay is expected to attend one of her court-ordered alcohol education classes Sunday. She will finally appear before Judge Revel for her DUI probation status hearing on Monday.

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