EXCLUSIVE: Michael And Dina Lohan: The War Is Over

Peace is at hand — finally.

Lindsay Lohan
’s feuding parents Michael and Dina had a lengthy meeting together Thursday with their attorneys in New York, RadarOnline.com has confirmed.

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According to Michael, he and his ex-wife reached an agreement on their long-running child support dispute and also reached a mutual understanding on how to support their troubled daughter Lindsay.

“Everything is fine,” Michael told RadarOnline.com, in an exclusive interview.

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“Dina and I are finally on the same page and there are 15 pages to prove it.”

Dina confirmed the peace talks, in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com.

“First of all, I never had a hatchet to bury and as far as Lindsay, he went on a media brigade and spun it all out of proportion,” she said.

“As far as child support, he did not pay for a year and was facing jail time if he did not comply.

“He had to step up and pay.”

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Michael would not elaborate on the exact details of the agreement or what he and Dina resolved to do over Lindsay, who a court has ordered to refrain from drinking or doing drugs.

Previously the outspoken patriarch has been at odds with Dina over the direction of Lindsay.

He steadfastly claimed the 23-year-old needs to enter rehabilitation; Dina, on the other hand, has been insistent that she doesn’t.

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The ex-spouses head back to court on June 3, at which they were set to go to trial.

Michael said the couple now plan to address the judge together.

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“We’re going to court to tell the judge that we worked this out on our own,” he said.

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“I know that I made the wrong decisions by holding money over Dina, which in the long run actually hurt my children.

“For this I am sorry. After court on June 3, from a united front, Dina and I will give a statement and I will be happy to discuss how my decision and course of action have changed.

“I want to thank Dina very much and I look forward to moving in a very positive direction.”

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